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The Allen Company of Louisville is dedicated to providing you with high quality, affordable custom refinishing and reglazing of any bathtub, claw foot tub, sink, shower, ceramic tile, countertops, and more!

We guarantee dependable workmanship in products and services including a huge selection of solid porcelain colors and stone finishes.

We are proud to be a local, family owned and operated company.

The Allen Company uses state of the art technology and unmatched quality products, creating a durable new surface while saving you time and money.

Bathtub Resurfacing

Restorative Services

Our restorative services on any out dated, damaged, discolored surface include:

What Sets Us Apart

We are dedicated to breathing new life into your weathered and worn surface materials with quality, professional, and timely service. Also, our reglazing method is way less expensive than traditional bathtub installation!



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Project Gallery

Reglazing is your quick, safe, and long lasting solution to all your updating needs.

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Louisville, KY

Bathtub Refinished

Louisville, KY

Cultured Marble Tub

Louisville, KY

Countertop Resurfaced

Louisville, KY

Sink Resurfaced

Louisville, KY

Sink Refinished

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Louisville, KY

Bathroom Tub and Tile

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Louisville, KY

Full Counter Restoration

Minimized Disruption

Most jobs are completed within 1 work day and usable within 24hrs.

5 Year Warranty

All our work comes with a written
5 year warranty.

Professional Service

Professional courteous service using the best products.

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Freqeuntly Asked Questions

Any surface can be quickly transformed to look like new! Most jobs are completed within one working day and usable within 24 hours.

What is resurfacing?

Resurfacing actually means: to cover with a new surface. Everything can stay in place and the item of your choice will have a beautiful, durable, and updated look for a fraction of replacement costs.

What type of surfaces can I have resurfaced?

We resurface bathtubs such as recessed porcelain, acrylic, or fiberglass. We also refinish claw foot tubs, fiberglass showers, tile showers, garden tubs, and Jacuzzis. We do countertop resurfacing such as kitchen counters, bathroom countertops, and cultured marble vanities. We resurface shower tile, tile countertops, wall tile, backsplash tile, floor tile and more. We resurface sinks such as bathroom sinks, vanity counter sinks, kitchen sinks, farm sinks, laundry room sinks, and more.

Is there a difference between Resurfacing, Refinishing, and Reglazing?

They are basically the same terms. They all focus on applying a new surface over the old one. A new bathtub is considered to be glazed. This process is where the manufacturer applies a glaze and then fires it in a kiln at temperatures over 1500 degrees. The end result is porcelain. This process can not be duplicated in the home due to the intense heat. Reglazing is actually resurfacing because “reglazing” can not be done. Refinishing is also the same as resurfacing.

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About Resurface Louisville

Resurface Louisville offers years of experience in Shower Refinishing, Bathtub Inlays, Shower Pan Repairs, Shower Inlays, Tiled Shower Pans, Shower Pan Installations and more. No matter if you have bathtub chips, countertop scratches, counter burns, fiberglass cracks, shower discoloration, or need a rusted tub repaired, our Bathtub Inlay, Shower Pan Repair, Shower Inlay, Tiled Shower Pan, Shower Pan Installation services are what you need in Louisville.

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