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Freqeuntly Asked Questions

What is resurfacing?

Resurfacing actually means: to cover with a new surface. Everything can stay in place and the item of your choice will have a beautiful, durable, and updated look for a fraction of replacement costs.

What type of surfaces can I have resurfaced?

We resurface bathtubs such as recessed porcelain, acrylic, or fiberglass. We also refinish claw foot tubs, fiberglass showers, tile showers, garden tubs, and Jacuzzis. We do countertop resurfacing such as kitchen counters, bathroom countertops, and cultured marble vanities. We resurface shower tile, tile countertops, wall tile, backsplash tile, floor tile and more. We resurface sinks such as bathroom sinks, vanity counter sinks, kitchen sinks, farm sinks, laundry room sinks, and more.

It sounds like just about anything can be resurfaced. Is that true?

We can get as creative as you would like. We have made old beat up wooden kitchen tables look like decorative stone master pieces, bathroom tissue boxes and lighting fixtures look like granite to match our shower tile, and picture frames, pottery and much more.

Do I have to choose the same color?

Any surface can be given the look of porcelain, stone, or granite in the color of your choice! The options are endless.

How long does it take?

Each job is different depending on repairs, preparation and the actual surface. Most tubs take only 3 hours where a custom kitchen countertop might be closer to 8 hours. Call now to discuss your surface. We will be able to give you a more accurate time frame after a few simple questions.

When can I put my new surface back into service?

In most cases your new surface can be put back into service the next day.

Is there a difference between Resurfacing, Refinishing, and Reglazing?

They are basically the same terms. They all focus on applying a new surface over the old one. A new bathtub is considered to be glazed. This process is where the manufacturer applies a glaze and then fires it in a kiln at temperatures over 1500 degrees. The end result is porcelain. This process can not be duplicated in the home due to the intense heat. Reglazing is actually resurfacing because “reglazing” can not be done. Refinishing is also the same as resurfacing.

I’ve heard that bathtub liners are better than resurfacing. Is that true?

This is a myth. They are plastic looking, they can crack, and are limited to what surfaces they can go over. They are also up to 8 times the cost of refinishing. Many times the seal around the liner fails and allows water to get in between the liner and the tub causing mold damage, a squishy feel, and extensive problems. Most liner companies will not warranty a liner unless they also install a wall system. This combination costs thousands of dollars. Our resurfacing bonds on a molecular level directly to the original surface. This eliminates the chance for air pockets, mold and mildew, cracking, and a squishy floor. Best of all, it will last just as long as a liner and is only a fraction of the price.

Are all resurfacing companies the same?

No! Absolutely not! Different companies use different products and procedures. The results often vary. Unlike other companies, our custom bonding agents are the only one out there that can be used anywhere from underwater such as swimming pools and hot tubs, up in the air with expansion and contraction with aerospace applications, or even on an abused concrete floor with oil and grime. We invest endless hours in advanced product research and resurfacing technology. We use state of the art materials and textbook procedures every time.

Why should I choose your company?

I have heard a lot of stories from customers that have had a bad experience with other resurfacing companies. Cheap products, inexperienced techs, surface failure, unreliable, inconsistent service, and lack of knowledge and dedication costs the client. Not only are these companies ripping you off, they are also giving our industry a bad name. We are your Louisville, Kentucky based coatings professional. We understand the importance of a quick turn around, fair price, and quality service. We are the operators and the owners. We do the work! You will not have a franchise based, lesser experienced employee show up. One job or several, we are there when you need us! Call now!

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